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    Cocokitty is an all-new approach to litter. Made of organic ingredients and with specialized plant-based clumping technology, Cocokitty is the most feline, human and eco-friendly litter available today.

  • Clumping Coconut Cat Litter

    • Save Money & Up to 80% Lighter
    • Cleaner & Safer - Organic
    • Delivered directly to your door monthly


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    Cocokitty is proud to be a family owned and operated brand. Our litter is produced right here in the USA.

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How does cocokitty work?

Cocokitty's powerful odor fighting abilities come from the micro-sponge properties of coconut pith! Its powerful plant-based clumping formula allows cat parents to scoop out clumped liquids during daily cleaning, keeping things fresh and odor free!

Is cocokitty flushable?

Yes, cocokitty has been lab tested as flushable* and septic-safe. Always be sure to consult with local regulations to ensure this is allowed in your region. 

*For hygienic reasons, the disposal of cat feces in toilets or drains is discouraged. 

Does cocokitty contain pesticides, GMO's or fertilizers?

Unlike other industry crops which are converted to litter, cocokitty's coconuts contain absolutely zero pesticides, GMO's or fertilizers. Our cats love to clean themselves; when cats lick their coat it is inevitable they will ingest small amounts of their litter. You never want to expose your furry friends to carcinogens or harsh agriculture chemicals. 

Your Satisfaction – Guaranteed

We are so sure you and your furry friend will love cocokitty, every bag is backed by our money-back guarantee. Customers can email us at customersvc@coco-kitty.com - we are always quick to reply! 


Does cocokitty offer a subscription service?

Yes, with cocokitty you can save by subscribing! Every month cocokitty will automatically deliver right to your door. 

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By subscribing, do I always receive the money savings?

Yes! By subscribing you can save money on each and every delivery! Cocokitty is the healthy choice for cats, our planet, and your wallet. 

Where is cocokitty produced?

Cocokitty is created in Southern California under one roof, by one team of passionate cat lovers!

Still have questions about how coconuts make a kitty litter this lightweight , absorbent, safe, and beloved by cats?