Coco Kitty/

  • Nature calls.
    Nature answers.

    Cocokitty is an all-new approach to litter. Made of organic ingredients and with specialized plant-based clumping technology, Cocokitty is the most feline, human and eco-friendly litter available today.

  • Coconuts are
    always in season.

    Every day our natural instincts kick in, inspiring us to return to nature and find a better way. By leveraging the miraculous micro-sponge properties of coir pith found in coconuts, we’ve taken cat litter to the next level – 100% organically.

  • We followed our
    instincts to some
    unusual places.

    Cocokitty is proud to be a family owned and operated brand. Our litter is produced right here in the USA.

  • Around here
    curiosity helps
    the cat.


    How many days does the product last?

    With proper maintenance, one bag of CocoKitty will last a single cat household up to 2 months and a two cat household up to 1 month.

    Is this product produced locally?

    CocoKitty is manufactured, bagged and distributed from Ontario, California.

    Where is CocoKitty available?

    CocoKitty is momentarily sold exclusively through our Amazon store. As we grow, we will expand into other online retailers as well as brick and mortar stores. 

    Do you offer a subscription service?

    You can opt-in for a subscription service thru ordering on Amazon.com.
  • USE??

    Is CocoKitty only for cats?

    CocoKitty can be used as a bedding for many animals such as mice, rats, hamsters, and even reptiles!

Still have questions about how coconuts make a kitty litter this lightweight , absorbent, safe, and beloved by cats?

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