• Nature calls.
    Nature answers.

    Cocokitty is an all-new approach to litter. Made of organic ingredients and with specialized plant-based clumping technology, Cocokitty is the most feline, human and eco-friendly litter available today.

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    Pet Mess Cleanup

    • Instantly traps odors
    • The easiest way to clean up pet messes
    • All-natural, eco-friendly, by-product
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • We followed our
    instincts to some
    unusual places.

    Cocokitty is proud to be a family owned and operated brand. Our litter is produced right here in the USA.

  • Around here
    curiosity helps
    the cat..


It’s time to send foul odors on a permanent vacation.

Leveraging the magic of coconut pith, a natural super-sponge, we’ve taken litter to the next level.

We use coconuts in ways that would shock the coconut tree.

As believers in science and nature we strive for sustainability and waste reduction via innovative processes and eco-friendly partnerships.

Icon of 100% Organic 100% Organic
Icon of Ultra-Lightweight Ultra-Lightweight
Icon of Biodegradable, Renewable, & Compostable Biodegradable, Renewable, & Compostable
Icon of Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic
Icon of Soft on Paws and Floors Soft on Paws and Floors
Icon of Traps Odor Traps Odor
Icon of Plant-Based Clumping Plant-Based Clumping

Humans love us almost as much as cats do.

  • “This is the absolute best cat litter I have ever used. It eliminates odor, it clumps great, which makes cleaning the litter box a breeze!”

    Gabrielle S.
  • “Nothing can match Cocokitty's ability to block kitty poo smells. I've tried everything and I'm so glad it's also organic!”

    Dominique E.
  • “My cat jumped right in! I couldn't be happier with this litter's lifespan too. It really does last and clumps well. It also costs much less compared to what I was using previously. Consider me a lifetime customer!”

    Katelyn N.
  • “If you haven't tried cocokitty yet, you're in for a game changer! This stuff works, my house smells fresh even after several days of not cleaning the litter box. I recommend it to anyone!”

    Reggie W.