Coco Kitty/

  • Nature calls.
    Nature answers.

    The only coconut kitty litter that clumps. cocokitty is an all natural, allergy free, dust free, and odor locking, it's as wonderous as it is natural.

  • Coconuts are
    always in season.

    Every day our natural instincts kick in driving us to return to nature and find a better way. The exact same goes for your cot. Which is exactly why what we brought back from nature was the most absorbent, powerful all-natural kitty litter.

  • We followed our
    instincts to some
    unusual places.

    cocokitty's proud to be a family-owned, family-operated product that's family-invented right here in the U.S.A.

  • Around here
    curiosity helps
    the cat.


It's time to send other litters on a permanent vacation.

Leveraging the magic of coconut pith, a natural super-sponge, we've taken kitty litter to the next level.

We use coconut in ways that would shock the coconut tree.

As believers in science and nature we strive for sustainability and waste reduction via innovative processes and eco-friendly partnerships.

Icon of 100% Organic 100% Organic
Icon of Ultra-Lightweight Ultra-Lightweight
Icon of Biodegradable & Renewable Biodegradable & Renewable
Icon of Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic
Icon of Dust Free Dust Free
Icon of Traps Odor Traps Odor
Icon of Clumping Clumping

People love us almost as much as cats do.

  • “This is the absolute best cat litter I have ever used it eliminates odor. It clumps well, which makes cleaning the litter box a breeze!”

    Gabrielle S.
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